Success Story #3: Patrick & Tyler

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Patrick’s experience:

Ten-year-old Patrick was enrolled in SUCCESS this summer, after he and his mother waited for the proper certification from the New York State Office for People With Developmental Disabilities.  His mom, Michele Tingue, explained that they waited quite a while to be able to apply for the program, but she knew it would benefit her son.

“Their first time they went to the ice arena, and he loved it.  I mean he’s never been to the ice arena.  When I went to go pick him up, he was just so excited.”

Michele stated that her hopes for Patrick through SUCCESS are that he will be “able to go out in the community and be able to not have me there, so he can just go in the community and people will understand that he’s different.”

Patrick is learning social skills through the program, like how to interact with other children.  “Patrick’s learning to share, and that’s one issue we’re still working on, the sharing thing and being nice to our friends,” Michelle said.  “But I think the biggest thing is just learning.”

The program, Michele said, has had a huge impact on her son.  “He has come so far, learning things and applying what he needs.  I wish it wouldn’t end for him.”

She added, “And to be honest, if it wasn’t for The Resource Center, I don’t know where I’d be.”

Tyler’s experience:

Tyler, son of Gordon Scott and Lisa Lord-Scott, is Patrick’s partner in the SUCCESS program.  Tyler had been struggling at school and having trouble interacting with other people, so the SUCCESS program was recommended for him.

Lisa and Gordon said they have seen a lot of positive results so far.

“I think that it’s kind of introducing him to going out into the world without mom and dad, and I feel that the two instructors that he is with are respectful, and they’re good with him,” Gordon explained.  At first he was nervous about his son being taken to public places, but now, he said, “I’m actually quite impressed with it.”

Even others have seen progress in Tyler’s behavior, Lisa commented.

“He seems to be interacting better socially.  Even his teacher today called me and said he went on his field trip, and I was just surprised because he was the leader, and normally they can’t get him to be the leader,” she said.  “And he just did a lot of stuff that even this teacher has struggled with him, so I think it has a lot to do with the SUCCESS program.”

With SUCCESS, Tyler has been to the Jamestown Savings Bank Arena, the McDonald’s Playland, and a few parks and playgrounds.  “He actually played in the Playland and went up with the other kids,” Lisa said.  “I’ve had, a few times in years past, friends that wanted to go; if too many kids got in there, I’d have to crawl up and get him out.  He would just get up there and sit.”

Lisa and Gordon agreed that being paired with a friend in the program has helped Tyler progress.  “I think Patrick’s probably a little more ahead of the game, and I think Tyler kind of follows his lead,” Gordon said.  “And I think that’s pretty cool, because it just is kind of showing Tyler that you don’t have to be afraid.”

Tyler’s parents know that programs like SUCCESS are key to him achieving life milestones and goals.  “My ultimate goal would be to see him be self-maintaining, you know, be able to take care of himself,” Gordon said.  “The biggest thing is to make sure his future is provided for, and he’s going to be okay.”

The SUCCESS program continues to help children and young adults like Patrick and Tyler achieve life goals and improve in social skills so that they can become more independent and more confident in the world.


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